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The Norse gods have returned to Middleton—and they've brought bad news. Loki's misdeeds have grown from mischief to murder. He has killed Baldur, favorite of the gods. By doing so, he has set in motion events that will lead to Ragnarok, a war between the gods and giants that will destroy their world and ours. Now Odin wants ABE and Pru to help find Loki and imprison him before the giants can rally to his side. But the gods aren't the only ones back in town. An old friend has also returned and he's brought new questions about Baldur's death. 

To answer those questions, ABE and Pru will travel to Niflheim, the Norse underworld, and confront the Queen of the Dead herself. Unfortunately, they quickly learn that getting into the world of the dead is easy. It’s getting out again—alive—that’s hard. And, in the end, can anyone really escape Death?

Over the Underworld: Work
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