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Up to 5 hours | $500

School visits typically begin with a whole school or multigrade auditorium presentation that lasts about an hour and uses storytelling and interactive puzzles to introduce my books to children. This presentation is supplemented by up to four classroom visits (approximately 45 minutes each), which include an exploration of the writing and publishing process (all developmentally appropriate). Alternatively, schools can forego the auditorium presentation and select an additional classroom visit. If invited, I will happily have lunch with a classroom!



1 hour | Free

Ideal for schools, after schools, libraries, museums, or any organization that services young people, remote visits create an opportunity for me to talk to and take questions from an audience, regardless of their geographic location. As with my school visits, I use storytelling and puzzles to engage the audience. A package of downloadable activities that includes introductory information and (optional) activities is made available to every organization that participates in a remote visit.



1 hour | Free

This interactive program introduces children to the Fantasy Investigation Bureau, also known as the Unbelievable FIB, which is the magical detective agency at the heart of my FIB books. Through the use of storytelling, riddles, and sophisticated props, I share an account of how I first discovered the mysterious truth behind the Unbelievable FIB. It’s a true story, of course. Entirely. Participants take the Fibber’s oath to become junior detectives with the Unbelievable FIB and receive official Fibber ID badges. I always stay to answer all questions and autograph books on request.

Ready to book? Email me with what date you are considering. I will respond within 48 hours. Please keep in mind that School Visits and Library Visits are only available in the New England area.

You were engaging and enlightening! The kids have a much better sense of what it takes to be a writer and take on the challenges of the writing process. Your sense of wonder, curiosity, and mystery are contagious. Bravo! Please come back!

Paulie R.

My students absolutely loved your visit. They were very excited to hear about the process in writing your book and were inspired to continue their own narrative writing. Thank you for your time and the encouragement you gave to our young writers. We love you!

Mrs. Gomez

Your presentation was wonderful. My students enjoyed every moment of it. They were enthralled and couldn't wait to talk more about the book and have me read from my 'signed' copy. Very engaging presentation and loads of fun! Thank you!


Absolutely fabulous presentation- Very engaging, interactive and informative. The children are still talking about the FIB! Thank you! ​

Alyson H.

You held my class of 8 year olds spellbound! Every child was engaged and watching you!

Candace B.

Visits: Testimonials
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