COST: FREE* (some travel charges may apply—contact me for details)

Settings: Schools, libraries, bookstores, after-schools

Size: Any

Duration: 45 minutes

Grades:  2 and up


This program introduces children to the Fantasy Investigation Bureau, also known as the Unbelievable FIB, which is the magical detective agency at the heart of my FIB books. Through storytelling and interactive riddles and puzzles, I share an account of how I first discovered the mysterious truth behind the Unbelievable FIB. It’s a true story, of course. Entirely. Participants take the Fibber’s oath to become junior detectives with the Unbelievable FIB and receive official Fibber ID badges.


For school visits, I weave in some discussion of my writing process and how a little uncertainty can invite magic into our lives and our writing. 


COST: $500

Setting: Schools

Size: Any for auditorium portion; single classroom for classroom visit portion

Duration: Varies (see description)

Grades:  2 and up


An Extended School Visit typically begins with a gym/auditorium presentation of my Basic Visit program. This presentation is supplemented by up to three classroom visits (30-45 minutes each), which include an exploration of the writing and publishing process. Alternatively, schools can forego the auditorium presentation and select an additional classroom visit. If invited, I will happily have lunch with a classroom!



Setting: Any 

Size: Any

Duration: 30 minutes

Grades:  2 and up


This presentation adapts my Basic Visit program for Skype. Some interactive elements are swapped out for optional hands-on activities available as downloadable PDFs and more time is given for questions and answers. 

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“My students absolutely loved your visit. They were very excited to hear about the process in writing your book and were inspired to continue their own narrative writing. Thank you for your time and the encouragement you gave to our young writers. We love you!”

-Mrs. Gomez


I believe that story and play are essential parts of the childhood experience, That's why I use storytelling, riddles, puzzles, and games to introduce my books to young readers in as playful and fun a way as possible! 


You can explore my author visit programs below. Keep in mind that I am also happy to customize a program to fit your needs. When you're ready to book or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me!