I'm saving the best for last! Soon this page will be filled with content just for kids. Right now, it's still a work in progress.


Until I get the page up and running, I'm going to add a few activities here. They're designed to be a part of my author visits, but there's no reason everyone can't enjoy them! They all have something to do with my Unbelievable FIB books, so you might want to check out my BOOKS page if you haven't yet (or click on the book image below—you'll be able to read the beginning of the book itself!). 


You can find even more fun activities over at The Unbelievable FIB's page on the Algonquin Young Readers website. You can download a Fibber ID and learn a little about Norse mythology. And while you're there, check out all the other awesome books they publish!


Enjoy, and check back soon for more games, activities, and fun stuff!

Click the cover to read the beginning of the first Unbelievable FIB book!

Try your hand at reading a mysterious message written in runes!

What's in a name? Find out with this anagram activity. You might be surprised...

Print  out your own "WHAT IS THE UNBELIEVABLE FIB?" post card!